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"I ordered this book after my brother lost most of his house from the April tornadoes we had here in Tennessee. The really useful parts don't start until the 4th chapter and at first I thought the chapters could have been arranged better, but as my brother started through his claim (he and his family are staying with us) the sequence made more sense. I read the parts I skipped over and was really glad I did. There's so much good information here, my highlighter just about wore out marking it all. One example, if you do your own clean up work or repairs, you get paid for it by the insurance company, and that even extends to family members. My brother got paid back about twice his deductible for all the work we've done and we're just getting started! Another thing, my brother was going to hire a public adjuster to negotiate his settlement but after reading the chapter on how to settle your claim, I talked him out of it and saved him another $1000+. The free forms available on the website have been really helpful, just wish they were there in the book. All in all, if you or someone you know has a lot of damage, I'd really recommend this book, it will pay for itself many times over." user review, May 10, 2011

★★★★★ "Best Homeowner Claim Book Ever"

"I have been in the claims industry for 38 years and was looking for a book that explained what I've been doing all those years. This is it. Well done, Mr. Wallingford you were accurate, not necessarily concise but when explaining an insurance policy how can you be. You made up for it in the entertaining writing methods. I would recommend anyone in their right mind sit down and read this book unless they've had a claim. Then I would highly recommend it as a must have.." user review, October 22, 2015

★★★★★ "A Real Hair Saver"

"I was looking for a book on homeowner's insurance and since this one seemed to be the most current and complete, so I got it and I'm really glad I did. Having the table of contents online really helped to decide. We had a sewer back up claim and this book saved so much time and aggravation and actually money to that if I didn't get this book I would've pulled most of my hair out by now, really. Most of the people on our block had water in their basement and I became the go-to expert after reading this book. I got asked so many questions by so many people I started lending the book out! We're really really happy we got this book. And its funny, to, I'm in bed reading and I laugh out loud and a few pages later I laugh again and my wife looks over and says "What are you reading thats so funny?" Its a book on homeowner's insurance! I never would've thought a book about homeonwer's insurance could be so funny, but this one is. Really, if you have a homeonwer's claim, this book is great, you really can't go wrong with it." user review, November 2, 2009

Prepare to learn, prepare to laugh. That could be the mantra of The Claim Game: a Homeowner's Guide to Avoiding an Insurance Catastrophe, an unexpected gem that fills readers in on, of all topics, homeowners insurance claims. This unusually funny guide gives solid, practical advice for homeowners with property damage claims, telling homeowners what to do, when to do it, how to do it and perhaps more importantly, what not to do. The amount of knowledge and know-how passed onto consumers is impressive and the light tone adds to the approachability and readability of the book. I'd recommend this book to anyone with a large property damage claim.

- from review

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